In numerology, expression 7 is all about you, your life and your goals.

Setting and living up to your short and long term goals in life is not always an easy task. Learning how to set them to be attainable, but also not too easy is the trick. Some spend 20 years just mastering this skill.

A huge part of ensuring you're successful at this task is mindfulness. We recommend the use of yoga breathing exercises to better acquaint you with yourself.

The rest comes down almost entirely to self-control. Read on to learn more.

Why choose a VPS?

Prospective website owners choose between three hosting options; shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. Many web pages start out on a shared server because it is the most affordable option available, but that might not be a good option for you. A dedicated server is expensive but a virtual private server strikes the right balance between these options. Here are some reasons you…

Vacationing in Halifax

Relaxing beaches, scenic hiking trails, lots of delicious lobster and cool craft breweries- there really is no dearth of things to do when you are vacationing in Halifax. Here we take a look at some of them: Swing by the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market The Farmers Market is located just adjacent to the museum. This market has been in existence…

Insomnia and How it Can Affect Your Life

Sleep is very important and many people take it for granted. They stay up late, get up early, sacrifice a full night’s sleep, all of which has serious consequences. Lack of sleep can affect physical and mental health, causing problems in personal and professional life. Some people sacrifice sleep; however, others want to but are unable to sleep. This is…